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Project 100Million is the evangelism
and personal discipleship ministry of Network211 whose mission is to reach 100,000,000 people worldwide with the Gospel.

Evangelism sites such as and a unique personal discipleship program called “121 Connectors” engage people in multiple languages from 244 countries and territories.

Our evangelism web sites are offered in the 9 of the top 10 languages used on the Internet: English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Indonesian, French and German. We also present the Gospel in Farsi, Korean, Vietnamese, Philipino and American Sign Language. With your help, we can also present the Gospel in world languages such as; Portuguese, Italian, Amharic and Hindu.

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Project 100Million results

This live map refreshes
every 80 seconds
showing locations where individuals have made a response to the gospel.

Evangelism Response live Report

Response to Online Evangelism

“Thank you so much for your response. I would very much like you to forward information on local churches in  my area. I read your letter over and over, it was a comfort to me, it's hard to explain. I grew up as a 'Christian' but, I now see that I really didn't understand what I was being taught, other than the 10 Commandments on how to live.  I now pray from my heart, thanking the Lord for everyday of my life, for each and every blessing. I used to pray only when I was in need of something, I no longer do that.  Each day I understand and accept what is, because it's God will. I still seek prayer on my finances, my children. I would never ask the Lord for more than what we need.
Thank you again for your kind prayers and words.”

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from individuals around the world who have responded to Christ through the ministry of

Today's DecisionsDownload Google Earth

Watch decisions unfold in real time

It is very exciting to see and hear the results of online evangelism. The buttons above allow you to see real time or a history of decisions being made to follow Christ from around the world.

First, be sure that you have downloaded Google Earth on your computer. Second, click “See Today’s Decisions,” choose open, and it will load the .kml file to Google Earth. You will then see the locations of people making decisions to follow Christ from an online evangelism website. Please note when viewing the history of decisions, it is necessary to "play the tour" in Google Earth to sequentially visit the locations of recent decisions for Christ. Click here for detailed help with Google Earth.

As you view these reports, rejoice with heaven and pray for individuals who just made a decision for Christ!

How we track results

The results of Project100Million are amazing! See the current statistics to the right of the map above. We track and record results in the following categories:

Visitors. When a person visits one of our evangelism sites, he or she is counted as reached.

Evangelism Responses. Upon visiting one of our evangelism sites, many respond by asking for more information, asking for prayer, recommitting to Christ, or praying a prayer of salvation through faith in Christ.

Discipleship Connections. Many of the evangelism responders submit their information and become inquirers that interact with us by email or online secure communications.