Evangelism Websites

Project 100Million is fulfilling our goal by producing and partnering with online evangelistic presentations.

These websites proclaim the truth of the Gospel and encourage visitors to connect with our volunteers to learn more about following Christ. Explore these sites and learn how Project 100Million is reaching the world for Christ with online evangelism and discipleship.

Journey Answers Websites

Journey Answers in English

Journey Answers in Vietnamese.

Journey Answers in American Sign Language

Journey Answers in Korean.

Journey Answers in Filipino.

Journey Answers in Japanese.



Journey Answers in German..

Journey Answers in Arabic.

Journey Answers in Farsi.

Journey Answers in Russian.

Journey Answers in Chinese.

Journey Answers in French.

Journey Answers in Portuguese.

Journey Answers in Spanish.

Journey Answers in Indonesian.

Who Jesus Is Websites

The Who Jesus Is website introduces visitors to the historical figure Jesus, which reveals what He did for you. In addition to a short video on the life of Christ, there are additional videos of people who met Jesus and some of the parables of Jesus.

Who Jesus Is in Spanish.

Who Jesus Is in Russian.

Who Jesus Is in Indonesian.

Special Groups Websites

This websites addresses family issues to build marriages, family relationships, and tips for success as a family.

This websites addresses questions Muslims have in English.

Partner Websites

Steve Hill Ministries in partnership has produced a website,, with the desire to connect with prodigals who have drifted from their faith. In partnership with Network211, this site utilizes the 121 Connections system for helping prodigals who what to come home.