Using Google Earth

Google has provided a wonderful tool to display Project100Million results for free! You can use this tool to present an animated display of Project100Million results on a kiosk screen or even on your LCD projector. This page will help you get set up to use the system.


  • Windows or Apple Mac Computer
  • Connection to the Internet while displaying the map animation.


  • Follow the instructions to download Google Earth or Google Earth Pro on this page. Either version will work for our purposes. Google Earth Pro can be used to create animated map recordings.
  • Install the software on your system.

Google Earth Setup

To take full advantage of the results data, make some changes to the Touring options. WIndows: Tools | Options, Mac: Google Earth | Preferences will show the screen below.

  • Select the Touring tab
  • Change Time between Features to 3. This is the time it will take to fly between places.
  • Change Wait at Features to 10. This is the time the animation will pause at the place
  • Click Show balloon when waiting at features. This will show the pop up with information about the Decision type
  • Apply or Ok.



Getting Decision Data and Playing the Tour

In this step we will get the Project100Million kml file which will display recent decisions and play the tour.

  1. Go to
  2. Near the lower left bottom of the page click on "See Today's Decisions." This will download a file named Project100Million.kml to your computer.
  3. If you have set up a file type association between kml files and Google Earth for your computer, you can just click on this file and Google Earth will open and load this file.
  4. If you have not set up a file type association, open Google Earch and File | Open and select the downloaded file.
  5. Once Google Earth is open and the kml file loaded, you should see Project100Million under Temporary places
  6. Click once on Temporary Places. In the bar below, you should see a folder icon
  7. Click on the folder icon to start the tour animation.
  8. To refresh the data (get the latest decisions), Right click on Project100Million and select Refresh. It will get the latest decisions. (Data is updated every 15 minutes on You will need to start the tour after refreshing.

  9. tour