Evangelism and Discipleship

Churches and ministries have a part in Project 100Million. Together we can reach 100,000,000 people and even many more! You can choose one of the packs below for your participation.

  • Starter Pack. Add Project 100Million Evangelism Response buttons to your website to link to our evangelism outreaches. Our connectors will interact with the inquirers. You can do this without charge. However, your financial donations and support would help us to reach more people and to encourage those who have responded. Get the Starter Pack Today!

  • Advanced Pack. Add Network211’s “Evangelism Response Tracking” to the Project 100Million Evangelism Response buttons. We filter all of the inquirers who originated from your website back to you for follow-up by your own team of connectors. We ask you to have a team of five (5) connectors.

    We offer this plan, and much more, to churches that desire to have a local follow-up ministry and who provide Network211 with $50 or more per month in support. This plan requires much more time on our part to make it work. Your support enables us to do our part. In order to have an effective outreach, the church will need to invest in local advertising. Get the Advanced Pack Today!